Jacqueline Villneuve

Jacqueline’s love for Africa began as a child. She began volunteering in Kenya in 2009 with Free the Children and in 2010 volunteered at a children’s home which ignited her passion to advocate for orphaned children. At 17-years-old Jacqueline dreamt and began the foundations for opening the Zawadi la Tumaini Children’s Home. She moved to Kenya in late 2011 and Zawadi la Tumaini officially opened its doors in March 2013. Zawadi la Tumaini, now a thriving children's home to to 27 hildren, provides education, medical care, a nutritious diet, care and support within a loving family environment. Jacqueline is the recipient of the Queens Diamong Jubilee Award, a Young Women of Distinction Award and a Me to We Award. She is a student via correspondence at Pennsylvania State University where she studies international Politics with a minor in Business. She is also the proud mother of a beautiful one-year- old daughter. Jacqueline resides half of the year in Nairobi, Kenya and half of the year in Canada.

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Lindsay Woodhouse 

Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia Lindsay was raised by a single father and spent a large portion of his childhood participating in programs at the local YMCA center. He joined the military at 17-years-old and is currently active duty serving in South America. He is a student at University of Maryland – University College via correspondence. Lindsay joined forces with Jacqueline in 2016 after visiting her children’s home. He was inspired by the 27 children who make up the Zawadi la Tumaini family. Their stories of overcoming obstacles and positive outlooks on life, have made him a champion for the rights of orphaned children. Lindsay continues to follow his passion for advocacy through Olive & Annie’s charitable efforts which support Zawadi la Tumaini and mentor and educate young men in Nairobi in an effort to end sexual violence. He is the lead program developer for The Young Gentleman’s Club.