Olive & Annie | About us

Olive & Annie is a fair-trade apparel and accessories brand. Our product designs are inspired by women’s rights, humanity for others, and  a deep love for Africa. Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted by our team of artisans in Kenya, created with recycled materials. Every purchase donates 30% of profit to ZLT Children's Home and the She Matters Movement, providing support and resources for survivors of sexual violence. 

Olive & Annie founded the She Matters Campaign in September 2017 to stand in unity with survivors of sexual violence. Through our online platform (launching in 2018) survivors will be able to submit their personal stories of overcoming trauma and sharing their journeys to finding strength and courage after their attack. The goal is to create a safe place for survivors to share their stories and create a community online providing resources and advice through the support of fellow survivors. Through online community, and multi-media advocacy including the official launch of the She Matters Short Film. She Matters hopes to shed a light on a topic most of the world like to avoid and give a voice to the millions of women around the world affected by sexual violence.



FOUNDER - Jacqueline villeneuve

Olive & Annie began when a young single mother had a dream to support her children at ZLT and empower vulnerable single mothers in Kenya. At 18 years old Jacqueline Villeneuve moved to Nairobi, Kenya after graduating high school with the goal of opening a children’s home. In 2013 with the help of her local partner, Jerusha Wanjiru (mama to the kiddos at ZLT), ZLT Children’s Home opened it’s doors and continues to provide a loving family to 27 orphaned and abandoned children.  This began Jacqueline’s journey passionately advocating for the rights of orphaned children, and collectively working alongside other organizations and fair-trade brands to end the orphan cycle.

Jacqueline became a single mother at 21 years old. Through the years working and volunteering in Kenya with orphaned children, Jacqueline and her team identified an alarming trend. A large majority of children living within children’s homes were coming from single mother households. Jacqueline became a student via correspondence at Pennsylvania State University shortly after her daughters birth. She conducted her first research study in 2015 identifying the factors leading to single mothers first unplanned pregnancy. Her researched shared that most vulnerable single mothers under the age of 25 had little to no support for their child’s father, experienced abusive relationships, had limited support from their families, and in nearly all cases no access to sexual health education and family planning. This sparked the idea for Olive & Annie. A fair trade brand creating artisan crafted apparel and accessories that gives back with every purchase and provides employment to single mothers and men who serve as positive male role models. 

Lead Artisan - Sammy

Sammy is a member of the Maasai Tribe who passionately advocates for equality, women's rights, and supporting orphaned children. Founder Jacqueline Villeneuve met Sammy in 2015 - long before Olive & Annie jewelry existed. Nearly 2 years later, Jacqueline approached Sammy with a vision to begin an ethically made jewelry collection for Olive & Annie. The pair began working closely to create the pieces we now know and love. 

Sammy worked for a fair-trade jewelry brand for several years where he learned the techniques and craftsmanship of brass work and beading. He branched out and created his own workshop, where he resides with his family. Sammy currently employs 4 full time employees who assist with production for a variety of ethical brands - Olive & Annie included. His employees are able to support their families, save up for their education, and learn a valuable trade through their employment. 

Sammy is a husband and father of 3. He lives in Ngong Hills, Kenya.