Audrie and Daisy



* WARNING: This Documentary may cause trigger warnings. * 


Audrie and Daisy is a documentary sharing the true story of two young girls affected by sexual violence and cyber bullying. 

The documentary begins with Audrie's story. Audrie was in high school when she attended a party where she passed out and a group of young men stripped her, drew all over her body, and sexually assaulted her. These young men then took photos while assaulting her and shared it throughout their high school. 

While sharing Audrie's story you hear from her parents, who found her after she had hung herself. They spoke to her best friend. Audrie felt like she had no one to talk to. She felt as though her world was crashing down around her. 

Audrie killed herself 1 week following her attack. She was 14 years old. 

Daisy and her best friend Paige were in Grade 9 and Grade 8 when they were sexually assaulted. Daisy and Paige were drinking in Daisy's room for the first time when Daisy received a text from her older brothers friend requesting the girls go for a drink. When the girls arrived they were immediately separated. Both Paige and Daisy were sexually assaulted. Paige was aware of what was going on around her, though she was still incredibly intoxicated. Daisy was nearly in a comatose state when she was dropped in the front yard of her home. Her mother changed her and noted redness and irritation in her groin and vaginal area. Immediately she asked the girls where they had been. Daisy's older brother found her phone in the front yard. He immediately looked through her texts and saw a text from Matt, one of his friends. Immediately he knew. He contacted one of his friends who had been at Matts house. He refused to take his calls. He instructed his mother to call the police. 

Paige was 13 years old. Her attacker admitted to raping her in court. Which in many respects, provided her with healing. Regardless, she was filled with guilt for what happened to Daisy. Daisy's attacker did not admit that he had raped Daisy. She was told to keep silent. She was told she was a liar by many of her peers. Her brother was isolated within school. Daisy was often harassed in school in the halls. His brother was told that there was a video of Daisy being raped. The video showed Daisy passed out while her attacker was on top of her. 

The documentary also focuses on the community Sheriff. He makes a statement after the discussion of the video. His statement essentially says that young woman are under so much pressure and that pressure causes fabrication of stories. The Sheriff states that this case did not include rape. The documentary crew then brought up the statement, does forceable confinement to engage in sexual intercourse not include being unconscious or semi-unconscious? 

The concluding statement from Daisy's case, made by Paige's mother, was that the wrong boy raped Daisy. Her attacker was from a prominent local family. The case was picked tip by national media. Fox News, made statements like "what did a young girl think would happen when she sneaks out past 1AM?" The town was separated between supported Daisy and Paige and supporting the attackers family. 

"In this particular case though the crimes were committed by boys" - Documentary Team

"Were they" - Sheriff

After Daisy's attacker was sentenced to two years probation for endangering a child she was intensively cyber bullied. People began threatening to hurt Daisy's family. Her mother lost her job. Their home burned down. Daisy's story shows the support our society provides to attackers, and the struggle following an attack for women who are survivors of sexual violence. In turn, Audrie and Daisy shows the immense need for men and women to unite with survivors of sexual violence. 

Daisy was then approached by a young women who went through a similar experience. This young woman heard Audrie's story but unfortunately was not able to reach out to her. Delaney's gesture to reach out to Daisy gave her hope for the future and showed her that she was not alone. A group of young women joined together to share their stories. All of the young women were under the age of 20 when they were raped. All girls were raped by one or more young men, they had photos and videos taken of them, and they were all cyber bullied. Most of the young women reported what happened to them but little happened within their cases to bring justice for the girls. 

The documentary flashes to Audrie's story. Her parents share that her attackers only served weekends at jail, for 30 and 45 days each. They filed a wrongful death suit so it would be public knowledge what happened to their daughter, and what her attackers did. 

Despite charges not being laid for these young women, Audrie and Daisy shows that there is hope for survivors through community. It shares that you are not alone, and that you need to rely on the family and friends who love and support you. 

The young women joined together to create SafeBae - a student and survivor driven non-profit organization raising awareness about sexual assault and bullying in middle and high schools. 

The team at SafeBae. 

The team at SafeBae. 


Audrie and Daisy is available on Netflix. 





Jacqueline Villeneuve