The MOM2MOM Market

Hello mamas! 

Our Olive & Annie team has been hard at work creating a new shopping market for mothers in Northern Ontario, Canada over the holiday season. We teamed up with Sprout Handmade to create this unique fair trade market featuring some of our favourite Canadian small shops! 

The MOM2MOM Market will take place on the last Saturday of each month in Sudbury, ON (Canada). Each month a different venue will be selected and donations will be accepted for two charities - one local and one international - which support women and children. Here are some sneak peaks of some of the brands which will be feature at the first MOM2MOM Market on January 28th, 2017! 

Bebe Fete: Bébé Fête is a proudly Canadian company that specializes in streetwear for babies and toddlers. All of their adorable garments are made locally in Toronto, ON and the artwork is screen printed using eco-friendly methods.

Our team loves the Nursery Rhymes sweater and we made sure to have lots in stock for the first MOM2MOM Market! 

Mo Green: Mo Green Clothing Co. was created by a husband and wife team in Toronto, ON. The pair were inspired by the adventures and experiences of raising their son which led to the creation of Mo Green Clothing Co.  All Mo Green clothing is locally curated, designed, and printed in Canada. 


Similar to Olive & Annie Mo Green believes in giving back. The company proudly donates 5% of profit from every sale to local charities. Our favourite product from Mo Green is their "THE TRIBE" sweater which says "We Are All In This Together". We loved the message the sweater shares! All proceeds from the sale of "THE TRIBE" support The New Mom Project. 

Young Living: Young Living was founded by Gary Young and Mary Young in 1993. For over two decades Young Living has assisted millions of North American's through the natural benefits of essential oils. Our Founder Jacqueline was introduced to Young Living products through our Creative Director, Ellie Coburn, who greatly benefited from the use of Young Living products while struggling with depression in her youth. There are countless benefits to using essential oils and Young Living creates an amazing product line which assists with a variety of benefits for moms from minimizing your stress levels, offering natural cleaning products within your home, to providing safe and organic detergents. 

Young Living products have expanded to Canada which saves on shipping expenses and offers moms the opportunity to have easy access to their fantastic products! We featured some of our favourite products below. The Thieves products for house clean are all natural and FANTASTIC. They last longer than typical household cleaners most mothers use and they are safe for you and baby. 

Our Founder Jacqueline swears by Young Living products for both her daughter, and the kiddos at her children's home in Kenya, and will be happy to answer any of your questions and recommend products! To learn more about Young Living click here. 

Tree Top Bath and Body: Tree Top Bath and Body creates amazing fair-trade products in Sudbury, ON. The company specializes in making a range of natural products for home and personal care. We love their baby care products!

To learn more about Tree Top Bath & Body products click here.

To learn more about Tree Top Bath & Body products click here.

Sprout Handmade: Founded by two sisters in Sudbury, ON Sprout Handmade creates beautiful organic knit baby and toddler wear. The team at Sprout worked diligently with our team at Olive & Annie to carefully select each and every brand featured at our MOM2MOM Market. Take a look at some of our favourites below! 

Juicy Jen's: Fresh, cold-pressed juice delivered to your door. Unpasteurized, no added salt, no added sugar and no preservatives. Perfect for our post-pardum mamas! Juicy Jen's products give you a healthy boost or help you get back to your "normal" self after baby. 

To learn more about Juicy Jen's click here. 

To learn more about Juicy Jen's click here. 

e are so excited to launch of first MOM2MOM Market with you all on January 28th, 2017 in Sudbury, ON from 11AM to 1PM at the Fromagerie Elgin. Join us for some fantastic shopping and delicious food and drinks which supporting two amazing causes! 

See you there!