Mpumi Nobiva x Olive & Annie - Amandla Necklace

Amandla is the Nguni term for strength in Sub-Saharan Africa. This piece inspires the spirit of Strength and Unity for the African child. It hardnesses an inner power unleashed through courage and hope for a better Africa! 

The first act of courage in support of Share Your Story? Purchase your Amandla necklace on August 1st (with 30% from every sale directly supporting the Share Your Story campaign), shop Olive & Annie throughout the month of August with 20% of profit from EVERY item sold will support the Share Your Story campaign, and donate directly to the campaign by clicking here

Styling: Owja Styling  Outfit: Ikojn (Kenya)  Photographer: Royce Bett

Styling: Owja Styling 

Outfit: Ikojn (Kenya) 

Photographer: Royce Bett

Upon meeting in April at We Day LA I invited Mpumi to serve as a Brand Ambassador for Olive & Annie. She graciously accepted. Not only was Mpumi an AIDS orphan herself, but she serves as an amazing example to youth and men and women around the world that your circumstances do not dictate your future. Mpumi graduated top of her class in both her Bachelors and Masters degrees. She founded the "Share Your Story" campaign to raise awareness for Domestic Violence, HIV/AIDS Awareness, and support for orphaned children in South Africa, and across Africa as a whole. 

Mpumi serves as a voice for orphaned children which originally drew me to her compelling story of resilience and courage. As I sat back and watched her speak in LA I immediately thought of my girls at ZLT Hope Home. My family. Bright young girls who were often told their dreams cannot become a reality because they are orphans, that perhaps their dreams are "too big". At ZLT we have always encouraged our children to dream big, to have courage, to be kind, and most importantly - to never give up. I found myself crying that happiest of tears hearing this incredible young woman share her story, and in turn share the story of AIDS orphans across Africa. From that moment I knew, I wanted to work with Mpumi and support her vision. 

Shortly after connecting Mpumi shared her vision for the "Share Your Story" campaign with me. Being that we are huge advocates for women's rights, ending violence against women, and advocating for orphaned children at Olive & Annie, our missions matched perfectly. After our first meeting via teleconference I felt incredibly motivated and inspired! We are both two young women, myself being 23 and Mpumi being 24. Our hearts belong in Africa and we are both passionately advocating to support orphaned children and create a better world for our mothers, our sisters, and our daughters. This journey we have embarked on, discussing topics many people wish to push to the side, is not an easy one - but we refuse to give up! A partnership was born, with Mpumi serving as one of our Brand Ambassadors and together with Olive & Annie we have created the Amandla necklace in support of the Share Your Story campaign. 

We are stronger together. 

With love, 


Jacqueline Villeneuve

Owner + Founder of Olive & Annie

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