Education & Empowerment

With less than 50% of youth in Nairobi, Kenya aware of the dangers of unsafe sex there is a strong need to provide young people with lifesaving information from health care professionals. We believe that sex education for young people is a critical piece of ending unwanted pregnancies and diseases within slum and impoverished regions. By forming a year round partnership with the schools, students form relationships with our qualified team that allows for a dialogue about this important and confusing topic. Providing sexual health education in an open environment via programs developed by young health care professionals that stay to work our programs in local high school cultivates a raw, authentic space for students that changes the conversation about sexual health. 

As Olive & Annie grows we hope to implement the curriculum of our Education & Empowerment program into middle and high schools around the globe. If you are interested in reading our curriculum or funding the implementation of our program into a school around the world please contact us