The Young Gentleman's Club 

The Young Gentleman's Club is the heart of our youth driven initiatives to end sexual violence. 

In Kenya less than 50% of parents speak to their children about sexual health education. This leads to young men and women having unanswered questions about sex - therefore relying on friends or social media to deliver information. The lack of sexual health education often leads to unplanned pregnancy in youth. With many young men growing up without a positive father figure the emphasis on owning up to your actions, and serving as a protector for women in your community, is often lost. The Young Gentleman's Club aims to educate young men on sexual health education, while placing positive male role models in mentorship positions with young men in an effort to instil positive values to young men. Our hope is that The Young Gentleman's Club will inspire young men to actively serve as advocates to end sexual violence within their communities and serve as protectors for women of all ages within the communities they call home. 

We believe the young men within The Young Gentleman's Club will create positive change within their communities and prove that this generation of young men cares about women's rights and ending sexual violence. 


Who will Participate in The Young Gentleman's Club? 

The Young Gentleman's Club will begin in 2018 in 3 private all male high schools within Soweto Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The foundations for the program, and hiring of mentors, will begin in Summer 2017.

The young men involved within the program will be high school students between the ages of 13 - 21+. 



Why Programs to End Sexual Violence?

1 in 4 women in Kenya will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. 

In Kenya there is limited support for victims of sexual violence. For young women like 17 year old Jackie, counselling services and basic medical assessment are not provided after becoming a victim of sexual violence. Since Jackie was welcomed to Zawadi la Tumaini Children's Home in 2016 she has since received medical treatment and counselling, as well as guidance about parenting her now 10 month old daughter. 

Most young men are born and raised in the slums without positive male role models. Women of all ages, as well as vulnerable groups like orphaned children, need the support of young men in serving as protectors and advocates to end sexual violence within their communities. In providing education, mentorship for young men, and empowerment for both young men and women, we will be able to minimize sexual violence and unplanned pregnancies in youth.  

Our empowerment initiatives focus on uplifting and inspiring young women and equipping them with tools to prevent sexual assault.

The empowerment programs will begin in 2018 within 3 private and public all girls high schools in Soweto Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The programs will provide empowerment workshops to young women - sharing stories of motivation and unity. The workshops will include provide these young women with the opportunity to share concerns, share stories, and collectively develop plans to improve safety within their community. The young women will be provided with whistles to aid in preventing attacks. The Young Gentleman's Club will work in partnership with the female students assisted through Olive & Annie empowerment programs to collectively improve safety for women and vulnerable groups within their community. 



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