each piece of olive & Annie jewelry tells a story... 

Stories of strength, courage, perseverance, growth, and overcoming trauma. Our pieces are inspired by women, ending sexual violence, and standing up for justice and human rights. 

Each piece tells a story. These stories, in one way or another, relate to all women around the world - regardless of their colour, religious beliefs, or educational background. 

Our jewelry is carefully handcrafted in the majestic Ngong Hills region of Kenya. Overlooking stunning views our lead craftsman Sammy, and his team, create each piece of Olive & Annie jewelry in their newly renovated workshop. 

Take a look at our journey to creating Olive & Annie jewelry.... 

Each necklace, bangle, and ring is made with recycled materials. Our team begins by carefully packing this circular holder with sand from the coastal region of Mombasa. The next step is making the mould for your necklace. For our Ubuntu necklace for example, we use a circular coin. 

Sammy travels to Mombasa on a monthly, and sometimes weekly basis, to purchase this quality sand for our jewelry. Purchasing Olive & Annie jewelry you're supporting many families. You support our immediate team - Sammy and 5 men who serve as positive male role models. You support the matatu drivers who transport Sammy to Mombasa and back to Nairobi, in turn supporting their own families. You support the Inn on the coast where Sammy stays when he travels to pick up our sand. You support the Boda Boda (motorcycle) driver which Sammy uses to travel around his community. You support a husband and wife and their 3 small children - who are now able to dream big and have a positive future because we believe in Sammy and his craftsmanship. 


The next step is buffing and polishing. Sammy uses this machine to buff and shape the coins / bars / leaves used for our jewelry pieces. After he finishes buffing he places a fixture on the machine which polishes the pieces. 

The 5th step uses different tools heated and then hammered onto the bars and coins to spell out the words and movements used on our necklaces. In this photo Sammy is making the Consent necklace - carefully engraving the letters. 

Here is another photo selecting the tools he will use to hand engrave the Consent necklace. 

The final product! Our team carefully cleans and shines your pieces to perfect before we ship them through our carrier of choice - FEDEX to our Canadian HQ (aka, our home). 

Our Founder Jacqueline is seen here going over design changes with our team. Just like in Canada our design meetings table place around the kitchen table! Following work each day our team finishes with a cup of chai or coffee. We personally can't wait to bring Sammy some of our signature blend, Mzuri Kahawa, from Old Rock Coffee which is a locally based company here in our home city of Sudbury, ON! 

Each piece of Olive & Annie jewelry is made with love and care for our fierce, strong, passionate, and kind customers around the world! 

We love each and everyone one of you and thank you for your support! 


All images were taken by the incredible, Natalia Jidovanu.

Natalia is a photojournalist based in East Africa. To see more of Natalia's work click here.