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Introducing the She Matters Collection!

Jacqueline Villeneuve

Olive & Annie launched the She Matters Movement on September 28th, 2017. 

She Matters is a call to action to stand in unity with survivors of sexual violence. She Matters online platform is set to launch in January 2018. The online platform will provide a safe space for survivors to share their stories, resources for health & wellness / healing / empowerment, and resources for teachers and parents. 

Olive & Annie teamed up with Toronto Director, Lucas Dabrowski, to create the She Matters Short Film. The team visited Kenya in September 2017 for the first round of filming. The She Matters Short Film documents Jackie's Story. Jackie was 16 years old when she was gang raped in Kibera Slum. Her rape resulted in the pregnancy, making her a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Jackie was a single orphan, her mother had passed away when she was a young girl. After having her baby her family planned for Jackie to complete Grade 8 then drop out of school to be a hair dresser, and assist her step mother in caring her her 6 children. She was offered to join the ZLT family and the rest is history. Jackie and her daughter Martha are now a part of the ZLT family. Jackie is going into Grade 10 in school and Martha is being assisted with her current medical needs and provided with a loving support system. 

The She Matters Short Film is set to be completed in 2018. 

All of the She Matters Collection designs are inspired by ending sexual violence and supporting survivors. It began with our Consent Necklace and has grown to a collection of 6+ pieces. 


The Consent Necklace design includes the do not enter symbol paired with a simplistic brass bar engraved with the word "consent". Consent Necklace symbolizes a woman's right to choose, and the need to respect her ability to grant consent. 

Globally 1 in 3 women experience sexual violence in their lifetime. Discussing consent with boys and men is incredibly important, and necessary in our society. Despite the need to end sexual violence, rape still remains a topic most men and women do not feel comfortable discussing. 

In creating the She Matters Collection we wanted to produce products women can wear with pride that positively highlight female features and make women feel empowered while wearing the products. For our mens products we wanted to create pieces that serve as a reminder of the need to respect, protect, and honour women and their right to grant consent.