Olive & Annie proudly partners with photographers, graphic designers, printers and photographers from around the world. These men and women believe in our mission to support orphaned and end sexual violence. From Africa to Canada these dedicated global citizens volunteer their time to help us create beautiful videos, photos, and blog posts promoting our work. 


Bloggers - brand REPRESENTATION 

Olive & Annie works with bloggers from around the world who passionately represent our brand and our mission. 

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photographers videographers, and directors

At Olive & Annie we believe in the power of story telling. Olive & Annie works with brilliant photographers, videographers, and directors from Kenya to Canada who capture our mission beautifully and showcase the stories of the children, women, and youth we work alongside in Kenya. 

graphic designers 

Olive & Annie has been fortunate enough to collaborate with graphic designers in Canada to create our retail displays and promotional campaigns. These dedicated individuals have dedicated their time to assist with our overall mission - supporting single mothers, orphaned children, and mentoring and empowering youth in an effort to end sexual violence.